Keith Dunn and the Lars Vegas band is the collaboration between the harmonica-player and singer Keith Dunn, born and raised in Boston who has more than 40 years of performing experience, and of the Berlin based blues guitarist and singer Lars Vegas with his band.

Rhythm and vocal harmonies are the driving forces of the music of
Keith Dunn and the Lars Vegas band and the pulse of their performance is pure dance groove.

Therefore, “Delta Roll” is the credible slogan for the style of this band, as it adopts the best of Delta Blues and Rock’n’Roll – always focused on the rhythm of these musical styles.

photo by Beate Grams
photo by Beate Grams

Keith Dunn is one of the few living authentic Afro-American blues singers and harmonica players of his generation and has more than 40 years of performing experience.

Keith grew up in Boston in the US and is the nephew of R&B legend Jimmy McCracklin.
He has many stories to tell which he does with his music.

At nine years old, Keith saw T-Bone Walker playing a concert in the park where he regularly played baseball.
And when he was 14 he heard Muddy Waters play live at his school.

These two experiences and his R&B lineage put Keith firmly on the blues highway, and he never looked back.

As a blues musician, Keith practiced and played many different styles of American blues, eventually developing his own sound and style.

Coming up, Keith worked with many of the all time greatest legends of the blues, including Billy Boy Arnold, Big Mama Thornton, Jimmy Rogers…

Keith Dunn was honoured with several prizes for the songwriting on his album
“Alone With The Blues”.

photo by Beate Grams
photo by Beate Grams

Lars Vegas is not just the leader of Keith Dunn´s backing band, but he also contributes lead vocals and a unique style of interpreting blues and rockabilly era songs.

His musical journey as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, upright bass player and producer has taken him around the world.

He started out as a young blues guitarist & singer, playing with American blues legends including Louisiana Red, Big Jay McNeely, David Evans…

Learning from these great masters and earning his chops, Lars quickly became a bandleader of his own projects, winning several blues awards and touring internationally.

Highlights include playing London’s Royal Albert Hall and opening for Jeff Beck´s Great Britain tour.

Co-producing an album for Warner Music at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis is another personal highlight.

Other credits include work as songwriter, musical director, guitarist, bassist and producer for Universal Music, BMG and various artists.

Some of the records going gold, platinum and winning awards including an Echo.

photo by Beate Grams
photo by Beate Grams

On stage, Keith and Lars are supported by a plucking and slapping upright bass player who adds harmonies as a backing singer and a groovy drummer.

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